The Perfect Shirt Dress Your Wardrobe Needs

The Perfect Shirt Dress Your Wardrobe Needs

It Finally Feels Like Spring!

And by feels like spring, I mean the weather is stable enough for me to wear clothes I’m comfortable in again. No more layers and no more dressing for three seasons in one day. That means I can finally start wearing maxi dresses again. Or in this case a shirtdress. The only downside to this beautiful spring weather is the fact that the bees are out enjoying it too. Those little pesky creatures are definitely on my list of things that will make me freak out in public. I guess if I stopped wearing clothes that looked like the plants they love and perfume that smelled sweeter than a flower, then they would stay away.  It’s cool though. My florals bring all the bees to the yard. I can live with that as long as they don’t sting me.

I recently copped this whimsical gem from Banana Republic. It’s high on my list of favorite places to shop because they have pants that fit me like a glove. This time I found something even better than a pair of pants. I found a maxi shirtdress with pockets that is also the perfect length! I was literally dancing in the mirror when I discovered all of this. I’m sure the sales associate thought I was questionable, but hey! I’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect maxi dress. Anyway… I’m short, 5’4” to be exact, so I have a hard time trying to find dresses that compensate for my height. I also don’t want to hem or wear heels with maxi dresses for the rest of my life. So, when I found this dress, I had to buy it! It can also be worn 4 different ways. That to me definitely sounds like the perfect shirtdress.

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In my last post, I mentioned  how maxi dresses are the ideal throw it on and go item and how kimonos make you feel whimsical.  I promise you, no one is more excited than me about this amazing find. I hear people talking about items they can buy and wear for multiple purposes so they don’t have to buy more articles of clothing. Welp, here is a piece to get you started. Now unfortunately I do not have pictures of this dress being worn 4 different ways, but hopefully you’ll take my word for it. Because believe me, it is possible.

Firstly, yes it can be worn as a maxi dress. It can also be worn as a open front maxi kimono. All you have to do it completely unbutton the entire shirtdress. With swim season around the corner it can also be worn as a super chic bathing suit cover. If you creative enough you can also manipulate it into a maxi skirt by taking the dress by the sleeves, rolling it down to the waist, tying the sleeves around your waist and halfway buttoning up the dress.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m too goofy for a serious photoshoot, but I think the pictures turn out way better when the model and the photographer are having fun. I hope you had fun reading this post!

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