The Most Dramatic Trend Your Closet Must Have

The Most Dramatic Trend Your Closet Must Have

Can you believe we’re halfway through with the year already? I didn’t even realize it until Memorial Day weekend started and I was wearing shorts instead of jeans. I mean, it may technically still be Spring, but it feels like Summer. So, turn around and take one last look back at May because now it’s time to enjoy the heat of June!

Name That Trend

While you’re sitting there questioning how the year has gone by so fast, I have another question for you: What sways in the wind, rings around decoratively, and greets you with openness? I’ll give you a hint – it is a style that is more dominant in the spring and summer than it is any other time of year.  It’s also pictured on the right, sways in the wind, and it’s not exactly a dress. However, it can be found on one and there is a dress with this style in this post. Need another hint? It came about in the 70’s on pants. I hope that hint helps, but I’ll stop playing games. I’m talking about the ever so dazzling bell sleeves.

Question Existing

I made a trip to Fabrik, one of the local shops in town, and found the most amazing bell sleeve tops and dresses. Have you ever tried on a top with bell sleeves? It almost makes you feel like a princess from Game of Thrones or something. You feel nearly unstoppable! Just imagine shopping at your favorite mall wearing a bell sleeve top. Your sleeves dancing at your sides as you stroll into your favorite store. Then, as you reach for that item on the rack you realize that your wrist is more dramatic and beautiful than you’re whole entire outfit. That, my friend, is the feeling of the dramatic trend we call the bell sleeve.
This time I have two outfits I’d like to show you. Although, I am one of those people who whined like a baby for it to get hot when it was Winter, I also act the same way when it’s too hot outside. So, I managed to hide under a shady bunch of trees for these photos. I mean let’s face it, the sun has no chill when it’s time for Summer. It’s also kind of difficult to capture photos when the sun’s ray are interfering with your shine. Enjoy these series of photos with me hiding from the sun!


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