The Detail For Your Summer Wardrobe

The Detail For Your Summer Wardrobe
I’m back! It’s been months since I’ve made a post. I kind of went on an unannounced hiatus from blogging. It’s rare that I ever do this, but I took on so many responsibilities during the first quarter that I became completely overwhelmed. Yikes! So my sincerest apologies if you were wondering what happened to little ol’ me. A lot can happen in a day, so imagine what happened to me in the past couple of months! Even though, I disappeared from the blog for a while, I kept Instagram close by. If you’re not following me on Instagram  then you might have missed all of the action, so I’ll fill you in! While I was gone, I took a vacation to Florida, reacquainted myself with the city I’ve learned to love and switched up my job status. Nothing too crazy. So, don’t worry! I’m back to give you the low on all the style and some fun content too! I’ll also promise that I won’t go missing in action from Instyleversity for a while. Scouts honor!
Anyways, today is all about this adorable romper I grabbed from Mod and Soul. It was one of the last places I shopped before leaving for my trip to Florida during my blogging intermission and I’m so glad I did. They had dresses, rompers and jumpsuits unlike the ones I’ve seen anywhere else! The romper I ended up getting is this cute, little, tropical one which stood out the most because it had such a sexy detail on such a dainty romper. Not to mention, the cute palm tree leaves give off major tropical vibes. Something I need, because this suburban girl wishes she was living the tropical life everyday.


The main focus on this romper is the tie in the front. I’ve been noticing this detail everywhere. So, I was curious to see how I could make the trend work for me. At first, the tie in the front had me skeptical because I thought there would be a little bit of spillage (if you know what I mean). In the end, the tie acted like the perfect support system. I could even manipulate it to hide the girls a little bit. Thank goodness. I know they say “if you got it flaunt it”, but do it all in good taste. Am I right?

Every time I wear it, I receive so many compliments on the color. I normally pair it with my glitzy sandals, but I really wish I had a pair of chunky, pastel blue heels to really set it off. After all, I’m already short and a pair of heels in combination with the romper shorts would completely distract people from looking at my short torso. Style Tip – if you have long legs and a short torso, then showcase your legs to take the attention away from everything else. The palm tree leaves against the sky blue hue was a major combination favorite. I’ve been looking for a romper like it ever since! Unfortunately, this exact romper isn’t available at Mod and Soul anymore and I haven’t found any duplicates. However, I have run across some similar styles that I know you’ll love! Shop them below! Just in case you can’t get enough, I have more hot picks that you can browse through too!  It’s an assortment of some of my favorited and wish-listed items.
Rompers Under $25

Rompers Under $60

Rompers Under $100

What do you think about this trend? Is it something you would wear? Comment below. I’d love to hear you opinions about it!
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