OOTD: Monday Shirt Featuring Denim Overall Shorts

OOTD: Monday Shirt Featuring Denim Overall Shorts


Whamp whamp. Somebody “boo” Monday off of the stage and tell them to come back next week with a better act. Every week we try to look for a little Monday motivation, but you have to admit, it’s kind of difficult when you’re fighting the urge to go back to those carefree weekend vibes. Well, I have the perfect outfit for this kind of feeling. Introducing the “Monday’s Are Killing Me” Graphic Crop Top featuring Denim Overall Shorts from Ultimate Gal! The somber sounds of this track may be on replay all day and if it’s really bad it won’t change until Wednesday. You might have to be a music lover, a movie fan or maybe just somebody with a knack for references to understand that last sentence, but allow me to do the honors of telling you about to this outfit!

The Denim overalls felt like love at first sight. In high school some people called me “Short Shorts” because my legs looked like two skyscrapers in every pair of shorts I wore. It’s like a gift and a curse because they still do. When you have long legs and a short torso you begin to appreciate outfits that don’t make your natural body type look awkward. Hence, why I love this outfit so much. I have to admit the overalls have a little kinky twist to them too. They show just enough to be comparable to the cheeky at Victoria Secret and hide enough to be a hair short of mimicking boyshorts.

The top fits my mood every time Monday rolls around. On a Monday I feel sleep deprived & lazy so I try to fix it with a little cup of sunshine. This inevitably makes me even sleepier and lazier towards the end of the day. It’s a constant struggle with Mondays and they’re killing me – not literally though.  Back to this shirt – I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy when I’m wearing a white shirt that showcases my undergarments. The world does not need to know that my bra has grey polka dots with black lace on the straps! I skeptical at first because I noticed that the shirt was a little on the thin side and thin, white shirts are usually my enemy. Once I put this top on I felt like I was wearing the most comfortable thing ever and no undergarments shall be seem through this lovely piece. It’s lightweight composition also means I won’t be the one sweating through my cute top when the temperature breaks 90 degree weather for three months straight. Not to mention, this piece is also on sale at Ultimate Gal and I cannot pass up a good deal. Or any deal for that matter.

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