Culturally Inspiring Black Owned Brands & Businesses

Culturally Inspiring Black Owned Brands & Businesses

As you know, February is Black History Month and to celebrate I decided to participate in something called the #BuyBlackChallenge. In all honesty, I don’t even know what the challenge is suppose to consist of, so I made up my own rules. Not only did I participate by showcasing black owned businesses and brands on my Instagram stories and my last post for the month of February, but I also went the extra mile to purchase from a few of my favorites. Now before I get to the good stuff, I wanted to point out a few things. Two major events also happened that gave me even more reason to do this post. It was the controversy with H&M and the sudden realization with Revolve. For those that don’t know or probably forgot,  in January Revolve was targeted for its lack of diversity in their ad campaigns with hashtags like #RevolveSoWhite floating around on social media. Soon after, H&M felt a similar wrath from the black community with their racially insensitive ad. I obviously have opinions about both of these controversy’s. First and foremost, I’m not surprised. I may walk around and act like I live in a world where diversity exists, but I am very aware of the lack there of.  The more we buy from companies who continue to exclude diversity from their marketing the more money they make regardless of our disapproval. So if you really want to get a message across, the only place it is really going to make a difference is their pockets. Take your purchases to a retailer who appreciates and supports you, your culture, and what you believe in. Changing subjects, in the past I’ve heard some myths about black businesses. You know, the rumors saying that they provide horrible customer service, the items are overpriced, they never respond when you reach out to them, and the materials are always cheap. I’m here to say that if this is your way of thinking, then you probably haven’t been paying attention to the revolution. Dispel those myths and get ready to find your new favorite black owned brand!

The List

  1. Nirvana Wild

    The vibe I get from this is Sunday morning with incense floating aimlessly in the air while you stare at the art it creates. I receive endless compliments on the pieces I’ve purchased from this site. Every item is carefully handmade to perfect imperfection so it may take several weeks for the order to be prepared, but once you receive it you’ll definitely want to buy another. These pieces are unique and speak volumes!
    Use my special discount code INSTYLEVERSITY10 for 15% off of your purchase!


  2. Beads By Aree

    Remember Rihanna’s red outfit in the “Wild Thought’s” video and Beyonce’s yellow dress from the “Hold Up” video? Well, I feel like these pieces fall somewhere between there and the Afropunk Festival. These pieces speak volumes. I can’t mention BeadsByAree without telling you to check out WHIMByAree. Both pictured above.  They both go hand and hand. BeadsbyAree is the jewelry portion and WHIMbyAree is the beautiful clothing items.


  3. Shop Draped

    Whether your trying to add a little color to your day or choosing to make a statement with prints you are sure to wow the crowd in these beautiful pieces.
    Use my special discount code INSTYLE for 10% off of your entire purchase!


  4. Urban Cubicle

    Time to get down to business!


  5. Legendary Rootz

    Can you handle pure unapologetic dopeness?

  6. Shop Nichole Lynel

    Fringe, distressed jeans, polka dots, two piece sets, jumpsuits you name it! Just make sure that you decide fast, because her pieces sell faster than candy at the dollar store.

  7. HelloTee

    These tees are cute and unapologetic! Need I say more?


  8.  84 GEM

    These handmade regal and exotic pieces from 84Gem are the perfect addition to any contemporary look. There is a sophisticated elegance in each unique piece that creates a sense of empowerment.

  9. The Wrap Life

    Are you about that life? The wrap life, that is. Wrap your hair with anything from bold colors to colorful prints to accent your look!

    Source: TheWrap.Life
  10. Adorned by Chi

    Perfect for the alternative female. Remember Sailor Moon? Love Black Panther? Want to reflect your mood? They’ve got the gear. One of my favorites to shop from for cute, casual tees and sweatshirts.


  11. Peace Images Jewelry

    Give your wardrobe purpose with the everyday “classick” pieces or peacefully inspired jewelry.  


  12. Coloring Pins

    Pins made to add representation to your wardrobe.

  13. Pardon My Fro

    Pardon My Fro. No need to pick through this shop. Every fro is beautiful in all shapes in sizes through their travel accessories, home decor, apparel, and prints. Decorate you home with chic authenticity and travel in style!


  14. The Quirk Shop

    Born for the quirky, unapologetic female without a doubt! 
    Use my special discount code STYLE10 for 10% off of your purchase!

  15. Effie’s Paper Stationary & Whatnot

    Love bright bold colors? Obsessed with desk accessories and stationary? They’ve got it all. Whether you’re feeling like Claire Huxtable or Claire Underwood the styles always add flavor.

    Source: Effie’

  16. KashmirVII

    Kashmir does it like no other. With pop culture featured on every item. Showcasing pop culture favorites like Martin, Different World and Fresh Prince, you almost can’t help yourself!


  17. Black Vibe Tribe

    Empowerment in the black community. A business created by 15 year old Trinity Simone, sprinkles every ounce of empowerment onto each of  items featured in this online shop.

  18. Rue107

    I absolutely LOVE the diversity of different shapes and sizes. At first glance it looks like a plus sized brand, but don’t be fooled. This business is for EVERY woman sizes 0 – 4X!

  19. GrassFields

    Stun the crowd with these gorgeous pieces decorated with African prints.
    Receive 15% off of your purchase by filling out this form  HERE!


  20. Jungalow

    Justina Blakeney, the Author of the “The New Bohemians“, isn’t living in a jungle. She’s living in a Jungalow! Her shop is curated with an aesthetic that could your Instagram feed a run for it’s money.

  21. Branded by CB

    If your essential wardrobe pieces do not empower you then, you may have the wrong essential items. Branded by CB is filled with soft prints and strong designs made to empower to females. Stand empowered while looking chic. 


  22. Llulo

    Made straight from Nigeria. The brand aims to improve the quality of life in Africa by creating shelters and jobs for those in need. My favorite items are the Africa shaped pillows! 
  23. Alerojasmine

    While wearing the middle name of the founder, Alerojasmine is filled with captivating textiles and prints. These intricate designs are sure to catch your eye. 


  24. Nakimuli

    Be bold with styles for women in all sizes! Their sizes range from 0 - 3X. The diversity in style here allows you to be your own trendsetter with their pieces. 

  25. Luxe For Brunch

    The chef called. He said that they are only serving Luxe for Brunch from now on. Get your shop on!


  26. House of Chic

    One season I’m watching House of Cards, the next season I’m shopping House of Chic. Eh, I guess I have a healthy lifestyle. 

  27. From Grey Scale

    Don’t get it confused, everything is not in monochromatic fashion. On the other hand, it is on a very edgy end of the color scale. Not to mention the styles range in sizes 2 – 16!


  28. Minaa Monroe

    Marilyn, Lola and now Minaa. None of them have any relation whatsoever, but the Monroe name lives on. 


  29. Semai House of Fashion

    A combination of urban styles and unique trends that everyone can rock. 


  30. Sweet Blood Apparel

    Taylor Swift had “Bad Blood”, but these girls have “Sweet Blood”. I feel like the vampires may be lurking in the shadows…Just kidding.  


  31. Hanifa

    Elevate to the next level of sophisticated chic with these modern, styles. 


  32. The K Label

    It’s not just a label. It’s a brand. 


  33. Her Favorite LA

    Shop all of her favorite curated LA pieces. I’ve never been to LA, but if shopping there is anything like this, then I can’t wait to go!


  34. Brittany Benton

    I’m getting a little bit of a Keyshia Ka’Oir vibe here. These unique, pieces will not disappoint! 


  35. Unicorn Universe

    In all honesty, we were meant to live in the Unicorn Universe. Glitter, pinks, and shiny stuff is the motto. 


  36. Swank Blue

    Olori Swank put her foot into this online boutique. The stylist has worked with countless celebrities and now she’s getting everyone prepared to slay with this boutique.  


  37. Rich Girl Candy

    Sugar, spice and everything nice. From hair to accessories, women’s clothes to girl’s clothes. Everything you need to look cute and be a sweetie. 


  38. TTYA London

    The tall ladies need love too! I got you! 


  39. Posh Candle Co

    It’s time to get lit….with candles. 


  40. Shoppe Baus

    Spread the good vibes with an aroma meant for a baus. 


  41. Bomb Essentials

    Step up your shoe game! Bomb Essentials has all feet on deck with their shoe must haves. 


  42. Smash Shoes

    You can’t help but stare because these shoes are made for walking, talking and slaying.


  43. Orijin Culture

    Do it for the culture. These Africa shaped bags are everything. Handmade and eccentric – my favorite combination. 


  44. Love Courtnie

    Make a statement with your purse or handbag with these pieces from Love, Courtnie!


  45. Tnemnroda

    Say it backwards. I bet you didn’t even realize that this brand spoken backwards is Adornment. Pretty cool, right!?


  46. Coco and Breezy

    No Chris Brown didn’t launch a new line of women’s sunglasses, but Coco and Breezy is not to be slept on.


  47. Le Soiel Crochet

    Handmade crochet pieces for the girl who loves being in her own skin. Every pieces is carefully created within a few weeks of being purchased. 


  48. Simply Cecily

    Combine West African styles and contemporary vibes and you get Simply Cecily!


  49. Fly Nerd Apparel

    Yes, nerds can be fly too!


  50. HGC Apparel

    HGC has gained an overwhelming amount of popularity over the years.With a goal like trying to revive the black pride from the 90’s I can understand why. I will always contest that the 90’s were indeed the best drama and all! 


  51. Melanin Marie

    By now you should know that handmade & customized anything is my favorite. Melanin Marie is handmade which means it takes some time for your order to be prepared. Who doesn’t want customized jewelry though!?
    Fun fact: they even do custom grillz. Don’t forget to smile


  52. Afrohemien

    No, not bohemien – afrohemien. 


  53. TruFace by Grace

    Express your individuality with pieces handcrafted from artisans all around the world.


  54. Lily Emme Jewelry

    Oh yes, it’s real. Celebrate any special occasion with simply elegant, handmade jewelry. You can even make an appointment for custom made bridal pieces.


Stay tuned! I had so much fun with this post that I decided to do more with some of the brands and businesses listed! Don’t miss out! Subscribe below!

As Dr. MLK said “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  These are very challenging and controversial times, stand up and make the difference because it doesn’t matter what others are doing. It matters what you are doing.  Change is happening all around us everyday, right before our eyes. It doesn’t happen with one person. It happens with us all.

Thank You For Reading!

As Always,


*Please Note: these brands and businesses are in no way ranked by the order they are displayed.*



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