Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m Ayshia, like the continent — Asia. There’s hardly ever a time where you won’t see me smiling. The truth is I’m the goofiest, happiest person I know. Sometimes I feel like that’s something that needs to be shared.

This space is where I mix style and diversity in the face of adversity. I want to normalize what it is to be different. Too often, I see others stuck in their own corners trying to fit in with whatever it means to be normal, struggling to make a way for themselves. I believe that diversity should be the societal norm. Every post I make, whether it is about changing your morning routine, organizing your favorite space, or how to wear the latest trend, I want to inspire you to be your best self no matter how different you are from everyone else.

” Fitting in is never the trend. Standing out makes them gawk about. “


With that, I thank you for visiting and I hope that you’ll stop by more often!

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